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The U.S. Army’s Vietnam-era UH-1 Huey helicopter is slated to be sent into retirement as part of the White House’s proposed 2012 budget.


There are 53 UH-1H/V Huey helicopters left in Army service, “Of these, 51 are in active duty use and two are in use with the National Guard.”


Army officials had originally planned to stop flying the helicopter by 2003, but the Huey has been kept in active duty service as a support and transport helicopter within the continental United States.


However, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq required the use of the newer UH-60 Black Hawk, helicopter and the Huey was shifted to cover its role in the U.S.


The U.S. Marine Corps still operates the naval version of the Huey, meaning it has been altered to fly over water and has two engines instead of one. Marine Aircraft Group 49 Detachment A is stationed at Robins Air Force Base and uses the UH-1N Huey and AH-1W Super Cobra on flights over Middle Georgia.


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