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After Action Report

Wings Over Whiteman, 17-19 September 2010

Sitrep Viet Nam: The First Team, Air Assault Demonstration Team

Whiteman Air Force Base, MO trained glider pilots and parachutists during WW II, today it is the home of the B-2 Bomber, the 509th BG and the “Wings Over Whiteman Air Show 2010”. I have participated in quite a few events hosted on Military Bases, thus far, Whiteman has been the best. The Green Room was open when we arrived on Friday morning with a nice lunch; we had some down time then a briefing with the Base Command. We did static rehearsals several times then the real deal; it was Huey Bliss as that woomp, woomp, woomp spun in your head and then the feeling of momentary weightlessness as you leave the ground, nose down and away and up you go on your way to your first “Rescue at Dawn”.

The basic show is that the VC shoot down a Huey with an RPG, then the LOH spots the VC and drops smoke, the Cobra Gun Ship shoots them up, we Air Assault into a hot LZ with the M-60 firing out the side of the slick, we land, un-ass and form a perimeter, two troop move forward and retrieve the pilot, and a weight our ship as one of our guys guides down the slick and we provide covering fire, then we load up, nose down, and away, once up, a marker round falls in followed by a 5 rounds of arty to clean up the area.

This is my 13th time flying with the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation at different Air Shows around the Mid West. Several of our members have now flown up to 4 times and we are looking forward to many more opportunities to work with those fine folks.

Friday night there was a reception in one of the large hangers for the performers, pilots, ground crews, re-enactors, (we were the only ones), wing walkers as well as a WWII Glider on display, a few speeches, a hand shake from the Commanding General, a large dinner, soda and beer, Bud Girls, music and a lot of good people, there was a very good feeling in the air that evening as well as a night air show with a lot of afterburners and flairs.

Saturday, up at 5am, on Base at 7am, guns secured in a locked and guarded room, (we were the guards), in the Operations Building., if we had time there was Breakfast at 8am, most of the Team helped to build all of the pryo for the show, some stood guard, 11am, we assembled at our room, loaded mags, put on our gear and we were escorted to the bread truck for a ride to the Hueys. Our show lasted 18.5 minutes; we rescued the pilot, waxed the VC and rode in the open bay Hueys with Garfield style smiles.

There was a Cocktail reception on Saturday night, but we had heard about a great BBQ joint from our Flight Mechanic Mac, Perry’s BBQ, it was as good as a Huey ride, excellent food in a homely place, I’ve always said that the best way to find the best grub, is to get off of the super-slab, get away from the chains and go into town, real food, and real people are out there.

Whiteman paid for our Motel Accommodations, provided us with lunch each day, breakfast, dinner, and a good time, they really took care of us. Sunday was the same as Saturday, only after our Demonstration, we bugged out, and then we all had lunch and watched some more of the show and headed home.

Thank you to all, it was a good time and I will let you know when our next show may happen.



Beau Coup Dinky Dau


"see you out there"

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Capt. Wilke
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I was one of the reenactors that did the Whiteman AFB show with the Sky Soldiers.. All I can say that hasn't been said is this  " What a BLAST"  I've never been treat so good at any Air Show.. Good friends, good times, good drinks, great food, shooting F/A M-16's Oh yea, did mention we got to fly in Huey's.. What can be better. Thanks to everyone that made this event happen. Looking forward to working with all of you real soon.


Capt Sparky

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